NERPS 2024 Conference in Hiroshima, Japan

Conference Theme
“Navigating Peace and Sustainability in an Increasingly Complex World”

The 3rd NERPS Conference (#NERPS2024) will be held from March 6–9, 2024 at the Higashi-Hiroshima campus of Hiroshima University in Japan. The year 2024 marks the 30th anniversary of the Earth Summit and the 100th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions. In commemoration of these milestones and in celebration of the 75th anniversary of Hiroshima University’s foundation, the NERPS 2024 conference is an opportune time to renew and deepen global commitments to peace and the environment. Despite past achievements, challenges to peace and sustainability are becoming more complex and interconnected. Climate crisis, biodiversity loss, disease outbreaks, the rise of artificial intelligence, rapid urbanization, and political instabilities are just some of the global issues that could complicate peace and sustainability efforts. The NERPS 2024 Conference invites students, researchers, and practitioners to present their work and forge partnerships for transdisciplinary research and multilateral action. The conference will feature research presentations, expert roundtables, innovative workshops, and an optional excursion to the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Miyajima and the historic city of Hiroshima.

The NERPS 2024 Conference is held in conjunction with the Asia Pacific Symposium on Sustainable Development in Higher Education. Participants of the symposium will be eligible to discounted registration rates to the NERPS 2024 Conference.

In addition to the conference theme, abstracts on the following sub-topics are also welcome.

Peace–Sustainability Nexus

• Anthropocene
• Cooperation and conflict over transboundary resources
• Digital technologies for both peace and sustainability
• Education for both peace and sustainability
• Environmental peacebuilding
• Environmental/climate activism
• Environmental/climate justice
• Environmental/climate security
• Human-nonhuman coexistence
• Impact of COVID-19 on both peace and sustainability
• Just transitions
• Peace-development nexus
• Planetary justice
• Politics of sustainability
• Others


• Anthropology of peace
• Conflict resolution
• Diplomatic negotiations
• Geopolitics
• Global governance
• Human security
• International peace and security
• International politics
• Migration
• Peace education
• Peace research methodologies
• Peace, conflict, and COVID-19
• Peacemaking/peacebuilding
• Sociology of peace
• Women and youth in peace and security
• Others


• Biodiversity conservation
• Climate change adaptation & mitigation
• Disaster risk reduction and management
• Ecosystem services
• Energy resources planning management
• Food resources planning and management
• Human health and well-being
• Land/terrestrial resources planning and management
• Non-renewable resources and extractive industries
• Oceans/marine resources planning and management
• Post-COVID green recovery
• Smart solutions and technologies for sustainable development
• Sustainable development goals (SDGs)
• Urban Sustainability (including transportation, construction, planning)
• Water resources planning and management
• Water-Energy-Food nexus
• Others

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