Trends in Peace and Sustainability or Trends provides analysis on topics and current events related to the pursuit of peace amid sustainability challenges. It is a scholarly platform for new perspectives and critical insights on peace and sustainability. 

Trends is hosted by the Network for Education and Research on Peace and Sustainability (NERPS) at Hiroshima University (HU). The editorial team consists of Dahlia Simangan, John Lee Candelaria, and Joshua Fisher.

Published articles

Submission Guidelines

We accept articles focused on peace, sustainability, or the convergence of these two themes. The editorial team will evaluate the suitability of your submission, and we warmly invite contributions from a diverse range of individuals, be it students, scholars, activists, practitioners, or anyone else possessing valuable insights or opinions pertinent to the series’ general theme.

To submit your work, kindly send a Microsoft Word document to We aim to respond within a prompt three-day window. While we do not impose strict rules on article length, but 800-1,000 words, exclusive of notes and references, would be ideal. We also accept longer pieces for extended analysis. Your submission must have the following elements:

1. A concise title: A brief and captivating title that encapsulates the essence of your piece.
2. Three to four keywords: Keywords that represent the key themes and concepts explored in your article.
3. Main text: The main body of your article, where you discuss and elaborate on your topic with depth and clarity.
4. Author details: Please include a maximum of 100-word bio, profile photo, and social media handles, if any.
5. References following APA style: Properly cited references in alignment with the APA reference style.
6. Additionally, we require at least two images to accompany your article. You can provide pictures you have captured or designed yourself, granting us permission to use them or select images from copyright-free image repositories or under a Creative Commons license, ensuring proper attribution to the owner.

    Your submissions will undergo a thorough review and editorial process. There is a possibility that we might request revisions to align your piece with our editorial standards. By submitting your work, you indicate your willingness to engage in this collaborative process, which aims to present your ideas in the best possible light.