Hiroshima University aims to increase the social impact of its research through the following SDG-related outreach activities



  1. Mountain areas and island internship (details)
  2. Technical guidance of sustainable plant production system
  3. Field research and educational diffusion activities of giant salamander
  4. Developing Virtual Reality experience for evacuation during landslides, in collaboration with Higashi-Hiroshima City
  5. Exploit of chicken as a brand by industry-government-academic collaboration
  6. World coastal environment and their contributions to sustainable coastal fisheries
  7. Restoring aquatic environments using industrial by-products
  8. Hiroshima SDGs consortium
  9. Farming assistance
  10. Regional activation of Higashi-Hiroshima City
  11. Holding the events for Higashi-Hiroshima
  12. Restoration support after the West Japan heavy rain
  13. Ecology volunteer
  14. Students’ volunteer group, OPERATION TSUNAGARI
  15. Transport management during disasters
  16. Agreement with PPLH-LPPM IPB
  17. Development of the digital content for Higashi-Hiroshima City Community Learning
  18. Circulation bus towards future
  19. Field survey of well water in Osakishimojima
  20. Map for disaster prevention
  21. Towards PEACE
  22. To enlarge the understanding of the significance of fish biodiversity
  23. Field of industry-academia collaboration
  24. Developing of red tide forecast system to reduce damage in Chile