Call for Applications: Open positions for cross-appointed research fellows

NERPS has secured a multi-year funding from 2023 to 2025 to support research and the establishment of new research clusters in Hiroshima University on the nexus of sustainability and peace in the context of global environmental change, including the post COVID-19 era. This builds on the inaugural fellowship program that ended in March 2022. A specific condition for the successful awardee is to spend approximately 2 months in residence at NERPS in Hiroshima University as a cross-appointed faculty. This could be a continued two-month stay or be divided into two separate visits. During this residency the awardee is required to integrate his/her research network with faculties and students of Hiroshima University and other local stakeholders around Hiroshima and Japan. The awardee is also expected to collaborate with the core members of the NERPS, contribute to the annual NERPS conference, and deliver seminar presentations regarding the progress of their projects and interact with various stakeholders to foster research project collaboration. The goal of these research activities and networking is to develop a funding proposal that will sustain and expand the initiatives under the new cluster. The following specific thematic research areas have been identified for this purpose; education would be an overarching topic of interest across the themes:

  1. Resources in the context of the nexus (land, water, food, energy, fisheries, minerals, oil and gas, etc.), both domestic and transboundary types
  2. The nexus between peace and sustainability in the context of disaster risk reduction
  3. Digital technologies in the context of the nexus in an increasingly digital world (AI, Big Data, ICT, digital divide)
  4. Migration in the context of the nexus (environmental/climate/ disaster/ conflicts, etc.)
  5. Governance and institutions, and justice in the context of the nexus (local, national and international systems)
  6. Big data analytics for studying the nexus between peace and sustainability

NERPS at Hiroshima University invites applications from academic researchers by the extended deadline of December 31, 2022 that propose 2-year research projects, addressing one or a combination of the abovementioned thematic research areas. We are also open to other innovative research projects that address issues at the nexus of peace and sustainability. The intent is to award successful applicants by no later than mid-January, 2023, and the cross-appointment period will begin on late January 2023.