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Research Seminar: Protected Area Management & Natural Resource Governance

15 December 2021 (11:00-12:00 JST)

Hybrid of Online (via zoom*) and onsite (at the Large Conference Room on the 2nd floor at MIRAI CREA)  *Zoom ID and Passcode will be sent to online participants.

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About the Seminar

In his report, Dr. Fisher will illustrate the connections between the fields of remote sensing and geospatial analysis, empirical survey analysis, qualitative research methods that he and his team rely on to examine the question of how to manage natural resources most effectively for sustainability in the Anthropocene. He will present the data they have been able to collect throughout their research and describe the analytical design they are employing to synthesize multiple types of data and multiple spatial and social aggregations. He will also provide an overview of the research publications that have been published during his appointment at Hiroshima University. 

Additionally, Dr. Fisher will discuss the importance of translating research findings and products into educational curricula for higher education. He will provide an overview of a curriculum he designed that leverages inputs and outputs of his transdisciplinary research to prepare graduate students to engage in transdisciplinary research and apply research findings in policy and development settings outside of academia. 

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