9th NERPS Webinar: SDG framework as core of development diplomacy

SDG framework as core of development diplomacy: Juxtaposing climate action and peace through soft power diplomacy – A Conversation with Prof. Joyashree Roy

9 April 2021 (4:00-5:00 PM JST)

About the Webinar

The twenty-first-century economic growth agenda needs to be reframed to ensure that United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) go hand in hand with pursuing dignified sustainable living for all. Peace is a global good. It is a prime driver of sustainable living and prosperity. How to deliver peace within the planetary boundary is the single most important question that needs attention in this decisive decade of 2021-2030. Global action and global cooperation to advance sustainable consumption need to be approached by transcending the North-South or of other kinds of divides and through the lens of respect for diverse values of well-being and sustainable living. Analysis of international diplomacy is also shifting from using hard power to soft power and developmental cooperation. The SDGs provide a broader scope for developmental diplomacy for peace. Sustainable development is conditional on climate action and having robust international relations. Increasingly, climate mitigation and adaptation are being examined through the SDG lens. As examples, Prof. Roy will draw from some of the climate change adaptation and mitigation actions (SDG 13) to show how they are contributing to advancing the goal of gender equality (SDG 5) and peace, justice (SDG 16) respectively.

About the Speaker

Prof. Joyashree Roy is the inaugural Bangabandhu Chair Professor at the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand. She is Professor of Economics at Jadavpur University (now on lien). She is the Founding advisor of Global Change Programme and Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund (SYLFF) Project at Jadavpur University. She was the national fellow of the Indian Council of Social Sciences Research. She was Ford Foundation Post Doctoral Fellow at LBNL, Berkeley, USA. She was in IPCC-2007 Nobel Peace Prize winning panel. She is Coordinating Lead Author in Fifth and Sixth assessment cycle of IPCC. She led a chapter of Global Energy Assessment. She is in the winning team of Prince Sultan Bin Aziz award for water. She has published more than 130 peer-reviewed articles, authored and edited books. Her research interests are: Economics of Pollution, Climate Change, Modeling energy demand, Water quality demand, Water pricing, Sustainable development, Natural resource accounting, Valuing environmental services, and Bangladesh energy sector.

About the NERPS Webinar Series

The Network for Education and Research on Peace and Sustainability (NERPS) at Hiroshima University in Japan is hosting a series of webinars on the relationship between peace and sustainability in the context of environmental, socio-political, economic, and technological transformations. This series is situated within the urgent need to deal with the implications of global change, including the COVID-19 pandemic, for peace and sustainability. The webinar sessions serve as a platform for rethinking and updating the current discourse on peace and sustainability amidst these global challenges and transformations. Leading experts will discuss the role of resources, digital technologies, migration, governance, and education in peacebuilding, conflict mitigation, humanitarian aid, and capacity-building, among other components that contribute to the achievement of the Sustainability Development Goals, particularly that of Goal 16 on Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

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