Video: Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs on Sustainable Development as a Path to Peace

The video from the first webinar on Peace and Sustainability in the Context of Global Change with Prof Jeffrey Sachs is now live on our brand new YouTube channel and with edited English subtitles. Japanese subtitles will be up soon, so subscribed to our channel to make sure you don’t miss it and all our upcoming events and activities.

NERPS Publication: The literature landscape on peace–sustainability nexus

The literature landscape on peace–sustainability nexus: A scientometric analysis


Ayyoob Sharifi, Dahlia Simangan, and Shinji Kaneko

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Abstract:Academics, policymakers, and practitioners have long considered peace and sustainability to be fundamentally linked. However, despite the increased attention paid toward the intersection of peace and sustainability, there is still limited knowledge on the nature of their linkages. To advance the current understanding on the peace–sustainability nexus and inform an integrated research agenda, this paper employs a scientometric analysis of literature to identify publication trends, thematic clusters, and knowledge gaps. Analyzing the publications according to the types of peace, the pillars of positive peace, the dimensions of sustainability, and the SDGs further reveals weak engagement among academic disciplines and across the SDGs. The results of this analysis emphasize the need for future research to focus on underexamined subjects, geographic regions, and sectors to bolster the linkages between peace and sustainability.