Call for Papers: Toward a Peace-Centered Sustainable Development

Submissions of manuscripts for the Special Issue on Toward a Peace-Centered Sustainable Development are now open. This is one of the culminating outputs of the NERPS Conference 2023 in partnership with Elsevier’s World Development Perspectives.

Note 1: Authors need to choose “VSI: Peace-Centered Development” from the “Select Article Type” drop-down menu in the submission site to be considered for the SI.

Aims and Scope of the SI

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development facilitates an enhanced integration of peace and development. However, many of the efforts toward addressing these goals still operate in silos. The Network for Education and Research on Peace and Sustainability (NERPS) at Hiroshima University aims to contribute to identifying the pathways that enhance or undermine the peace-promoting potential of the SDGs. This Special Issue invites original research articles (conceptual and empirical) and review articles (traditional reviews or scientometrics/bibliometrics) that elucidate the prospects and constraints for achieving and sustaining peace locally, nationally or internationally amidst challenges to development and environmental change. Prospective authors that draw on peace and conflict studies or related disciplines but apply inter/multi-disciplinary approaches are particularly encouraged to submit.

Research and Review articles should contain up to 5,000 words, and shorter Discussion, Case Report or Opinion pieces should not exceed approximately 1,000, 2,000 or 1,500 words, respectively, exclusive of References, Endnotes, Figures and Tables, etc.

Guest Editors: Dahlia Simangan (Executive Guest Editor), Ayyoob Sharifi, and Shinji Kaneko

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