Integrated Approaches to Peace and Sustainability

The edited volume on Integrated Approaches to Peace and Sustainability is now published by Springer. Edited by NERPS core members, Ayyoob Sharifi, Dahlia Simangan, and Shinji Kaneko, this volume is one of the published outcomes of the first NERPS Conference—the Hiroshima International Conference on Peace and Sustainability 2022. Some of the participants in the conference authored the chapters in this volume.

ABSTRACT: Peace and sustainability are already widely recognized in academic discourses as intrinsically related. Despite this, there is still a lack of integrated approaches to peace and sustainability in policy and practice. This could undermine efforts aimed at developing peaceful and sustainable communities. In this chapter, we first explore how approaches toward the nexus between peace and sustainability have evolved over time. Next, we elaborate on the need for integrated approaches that show the complex and dynamic interactions between peace and sustainability. Finally, we discuss that this volume sheds light on the peace-sustainability nexus through various lenses, focusing more on issues related to politics and governance, refugees, media, women, culture, and religion. The examples highlighted in this volume make a case for the better integration of peace and sustainability in local and global policies and practices. However, much remains to be done to better understand the dynamics of the nexus between peace and sustainability. There is a need to further work on channels through which peace and sustainability are linked. These include, for instance, issues related to the environment, health, resources, ethics, justice, and economy. Therefore, we encourage researchers and policymakers to do more research on these issues to explore other opportunities for the integration of peace and sustainability.