Environmental Sustainability: The Missing Pillar of Positive Peace

Ayyoob Sharifi and Dahlia Simangan (2021)

The Palgrave Handbook of Positive Peace (eds K Standish et al.)

Access here.

Abstract: In this chapter, we identified a myriad of factors that bolster the peace-sustainability nexus. There has been a growing recognition of the relationship between peace and sustainability in both academic and policy circles. However, the current understanding of the peace-promoting potential of sustainability and the sustainability-promoting potential of peace remains limited. This chapter contributes to this knowledge lacuna by merging positive peace and sustainability into a conceptual framework that can guide future research and policymaking. Informed by a systematic review of literature on the peace-sustainability nexus, we discuss the five dimensions of sustainability – economic, social, political, institutional, and environmental – in relation to the pillars of positive peace. We then make a case for the integration of environmental sustainability into the pillars of positive peace.

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