Workshop on ZeroCarbon x Digital: Urban Decarbonization in the post-Covid-19 era

Climate action at the city level has received significant traction over the past few years following the increasing recognition of cities for achieving climate mitigation targets under the Paris Agreement. There is now consensus that major transformations across different sectors are needed if cities want to achieve the ambitious mitigation goals of the Paris Agreement. Such transformations are expected to highly rely on recent advances in smart solutions enabled by Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and IoT (Internet of Things). However, they should be coupled with policy transformations to achieve optimal outcomes.

Against this backdrop, this workshop seeks to provide a platform for scientists and policy makers to discuss recent developments, particularly in the context of urban system design and renewable energies. Through facilitating science-policy interaction, the workshop aims to not only inform policy makers of climate actions that need to be prioritized, but also enhance researchers’ awareness of societal needs and policy-related challenges and opportunities. This, in turn, would lead to stronger partnerships that can lead to developing more efficient and effective mitigation strategies for realizing decarbonization of cities.

Other major objectives of this two-day workshop are:

  • To showcase city initiatives that accelerate transition toward urban decarbonization
  • To understand the needs and perspectives of local policy makers and discuss mechanisms for mainstreaming urban decarbonization planning by integrating carbon mapping and energy modeling with digital technology
  • To discuss the use of urban energy modeling and carbon mapping information for decarbonization of cities in the context of policy frameworks combining Society 5.0 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • To discuss recent global and local developments in urban energy modeling and carbon mapping with digital technology
  • To explore the improvement of urban energy modeling and carbon mapping in collaboration with cities

For more details please see the workshop program.

Registration: Please register to receive zoom link prior to the event.

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