NERPS Activity Report 2018-2019

We are pleased to share the latest NERPS activity report, which highlights our events and activities from 2018 to 2019 and features the ongoing research at Hiroshima University.

Download the full report in English or Japanese.

NERPS Activity Report 2018-2019

Hiroshima University regards contributions to SDGs as the top priority across the university. We intend to make further contributions to research, educational, and social aspects by achieving synergies between comprehensive university reforms and university-wide efforts to achieve the SDGs. We hope that this report provides you with a better understanding of the SDGs initiatives of this university, and we look forward to your continued guidance and support in the future. – Mitsuo Ochi (President, Hiroshima University)

NERPS aims to become an educational center with three characteristics. The first is to become a research center focused on peace backed by internationally viable research capabilities. The second is to become an educational research center where researchers and experts from the humanities and social science fields play an active role (participating in problem solving). The third is to become an educational and research hub that involves the participation of a wide variety of actors, including individuals, NGOs, private companies, governments and administrative agencies, and international organizations. We hope that this report will inform you of NERPS efforts, and that as many people as possible will participate in it. – Shinji Kaneko (Director, NERPS)

Hiroshima University’s Network for Education and Research on Peace and Sustainability (NERPS) is an internationally unique research center that integrates research on global and social sustainability and peace and seeks solutions with social stakeholders. This is an area where Japan and Hiroshima can and should contribute to the world through leadership. Based on the accumulated intra-university, domestic, and international discussions thus far, I believe that it is now time for us to make significant progress. Future Earth strongly supports NERPS through national and international networks. – Fumiko Kasuga (Future Earth Japan Global Hub Director)

Hiroshima University’s assistance in building NERPS is of global historical consequence. The peace-sustainability nexus is simultaneously the most important and the least understood. It represents highly complex interactions among social, economic, political and earth systems and climate variables. The nexus is also hugely consequential because of loss of life and ecological assets resulting from conflicts. Given the ongoing conflicts that affect many parts of our world, the numerous post-conflict societies seeking to become sustainable, and the anticipated conflicts due to climate change displacements, much greater research and educational attention needs to be paid to. NERPS brings together scholars, decision makers, stakeholders, and activists, to inspire transdisciplinary, solutions-oriented, co-creation of knowledge for real-world challenges. –Paul Shrivastava (Professor and Director of the Sustainability Institute, Pennsylvania State University

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