Your Trip to Hiroshima

Hiroshima Prefecture

Hiroshima Prefecture is located in the southwestern part of Japan.  It enjoys beautiful views of the Seto Inland Sea to the south and the rolling Chugoku mountains to the north, and is blessed with rich and varied nature, four distinct seasons, a long history and traditional culture. There are also many scenic spots, including two World Cultural Heritage Sites – the Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Atomic Bomb Dome) and Itsukushima Shinto Shrine.

Itsukushima Shrine is one of the most significant shrines in Japan and the only shrine in the world built on top of the water.  The view of Itsukushima Shrine has long been considered one of the three finest views in Japan.

The Atomic Bomb Dome is the most symbolic building in Hiroshima City, standing only meters away from the hypocenter of the atomic bomb blast.  It has become a beacon for the world’s prayers for peace and an end to nuclear weapons.

Please visit the Hiroshima Prefecture’s official travel site to discover the latest information on World Heritage Sites, attractions, hotels, events, tours, dining and things to do in Hiroshima.

Higashi-Hiroshima City

Saijo in Higashi-Hiroshima stands shoulder to shoulder with the famous sake brewing regions – Nada district in Kobe and Fushimi area in Kyoto. In the vicinity of Saijo Railroad Station, seven traditional Japanese sake breweries are in operation. Walking around the old sake district and visiting the breweries makes for an enjoyable time out.  You can enjoy the beautiful townscape brought about by the contrast between the towering red-brick chimneys and the white-plaster walls. Some breweries offer tastings of sake and sake brewing water and sell sake.

Please take a look at Higashi-Hiroshima City sightseeing guide, which may give you useful tips on how to make the most of your stay in Higashi-Hiroshima City.

Hiroshima University

Please visit the official website of Hiroshima University to find out how to get to its Higashi-Hiroshima Campus, the conference venue.


These are the suggested hotels that you can choose for accommodation during the period of the conference. You can reserve your place by contacting the hotel or through their website or any booking website.

HotelNumber of RoomsContact Details
Toyoko Inn Higashi-Hiroshima Saijo Ekimae129
TEL: +81-(0)82-422-1045
Hotel Route-Inn Higashi Hiroshima Saijo Ekimae218
TEL: +81-(0)50-5837-7501, +81-(0)82-493-6700
Higashi Hiroshima Green Hotel Morris213 +81-(0)82-493-7070
Toyoko Inn Higashi-Hiroshima Ekimae188 +81-(0)82-426-2045
Vessel Hotel Higashihiroshima126 +81-(0)82-426-2222
  • Check the hotel website to check their availability and special offers.
  • The registration fee does not cover accommodation expenses.