2020 NERPS Scoping Workshop

On 3 February 2020, NERPS held its 2020 scoping workshop at Hiroshima University, Higashi-Hiroshima campus. NERPS Director, Prof Shinji Kaneko, opened the morning session to present to the participants the achievements and way forward for NERPS. He was followed by a presentation by Dr Dahlia Simangan about the concept paper on peace-sustainability nexus based on the 2019 Hiroshima Dialogue Forum. Dr Ayyoob Sharifi then shared the preliminary results of a literature review of published works on peace and sustainability.

NERPS advisory board members, Prof Paul Shrivastava and Prof Hassan Virji (who joined us via Zoom), gave their remarks to the presentations and invited the participants to share their comments. The participants then provided their suggestions for how the Science Plan should be developed and the important elements that should be incorporated in it.

In the afternoon session, Prof Kaneko led the discussions about the future plans of NERPS, including a 2-year grant program, cross-appointments of visiting professors, and the first biennial conference to be held in October 2020. Details of these events will be shared with our network once they have been finalized.

We thank the following participants for their time and valuable inputs during the workshop: Joshua Fisher, Columbia University; Akira Hibiki, Tohoku University; Gaku Ito, Hiroshima University; Fumiko Kasuga, Future Earth Japan Hub; Mari Katayanagi, Hiroshima University; Minseo Kim, Hiroshima University; Vally Koubi, ETH Zurich; Prem Pangotra, Hiroshima University; Giles Sioen, Future Earth Japan Hub; Keiko Tanaka, Hiroshima University; Yuki Yoshida Hiroshima University.


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