3rd SDG Symposium

3rd Hiroshima University SDGs Symposium

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Hiroshima University held the 3rd Hiroshima University SDGs SymposiumーInnovation, Collaboration, Transformation for Peace and Sustainability at Kasumi campus Koujin Hall on 11th February 2019. Focusing on the collaboration between University and Industry for contributing to SDGs, nine experts from outside the academy and four faculty members gave a presentation.

The program consists of two sessions. In the 1st session, Dr. Paul Shrivastava (Chief Sustainability Officer, Director, Sustainability Institute & Professor of Management, The Pennsylvania State University), Kasuga Fumiko(Future Earth Global Hub Director in Tokyo), and Makoto Taniguchi (Professor at Research Institute for Humanity and Nature)gave a presentation about the current situation and collaboration  from the perspective of Future Earth and the global collaborative research platform to promote  collaboration of  lots of different stakeholders. In the 2nd session, Fukui Yoichi(Global Environment Bureau, International Cooperation Division Assistant Director) gave an overview of the Japanese government’s perspective, and Urashima Yuko (MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings General Planning Department Sustainability Promotion Office Director) presented detailed cases. In the 3rd session, unique research teams in Hiroshima University and related business partners talked about disaster prevention, MaaS, KANSEI Innovation, and their conceptualizations of diversity. A Question and Answer session followed the sessions.

The symposium attracted 131 participants, including those from outside Hiroshima prefecture. There was active discussion not only between the presenters but also between the participants.  It was an opportunity to deepen collective awareness of problems and solutions related to SDG 17: partnerships for the goals.

13:00-13:10 Opening speech
Mitsuo Ochi(President of Hiroshima University)
13:10-13:30 Keynote Lecture「Local and Regional Implementation of SDGs – Penn State and Hiroshima」Dr. Paul Shrivastava
Chief Sustainability Officer
Director, Sustainability Institute & Professor of Management
The Pennsylvania State University
13:30-13:50 Special lecture 1「Science for Earth System Targets- Co-design with Future Earth」Kasuga Fumiko(Future Earth Global Hub Director in Tokyo)
13:50-14:10 Special Lecture 2「SDGs cooperation between University and Business and Industry:FE Asia Office’s Approach」MAKOTO TANIGUCHI(Professor at Research Institute for Humanity and Nature)

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