Events & Activities

The NERPS Conference has given me tremendous opportunities to present my research and get it published. I am honored that I was one of the best paper awardees at last year’s conference and contributed to my chapter for the book series, “Integrated Approaches to Peace and Sustainability”. I am looking forward to publishing more academic works either with NERPS or the networking I had from the NERPS 2023 conference.

Though sustainability is usually associated with only environmental and climate issues, it can also be highly related to sustainable cities and communities, educational coloniality, and  biodiversity and ecosystems which this program offered. [Bringing] back the experiences to Asia has become the major takeaway for me to participate [in NERPS2023]. The diversity of the participants and speakers from varied countries also provided an opportunity for mutual learning, from online to offline, from Bangkok to Ayutthaya.

As a researcher, attending conferences is crucial for staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the field and for networking with other experts. NERPS 2023 offered unique opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow researchers, engage in meaningful discussions, and learn from others’ experiences. I am confident that the knowledge and insights gained at this conference will not only enhance my own work but will also have a positive impact on the broader research community.